Congregational Church of Putnam

Volume 26

The Beacon

January, 2022

Number 1

Pastor’s Letter

Happy New Year!

We celebrated Christmas Eve with over 90 people in attendance. Thanks to all who volunteered to read and all who came to our services. Thank those who led by example and came prepared with masks. It has been suggested that in public settings we should consider masks for even those who are fully vaccinated and have gotten their boosters. We need to keep those who may be vulnerable safe for we are to love our neighbors and care for them as we care for ourselves and our families. There is no “mask mandate” but I was pleased seeing so many in attendance voluntarily come prepared with masks. That is love in action.

The tradition of Star Sunday will continue. I think it is a terrific tradition. On Sunday, January 9th we will include that tradition in the service. The third Sunday after Christmas is liturgically the Baptism of Christ and this Star Sunday is a time to reflect on our own Baptisms as well. The Word is made flesh in us as well upon our baptism. I know that this has happened in the past on Epiphany Sunday but this Sunday is also Communion Sunday and our service for Sunday, January 2nd is quite rigorous. We certainly can continue the Star Sunday and remember the gifts of the Magi from the week before.  At least that is my humble opinion.

There are three ways for you to receive your star this week:

1. Attend worship and pick up your Star on the way in to worship.

2. Stop by the church this week, take a Star out of a container at the back door and write your name on the list.

3. Receive a Star in the mail upon request via the church phone, email, or text. If you text or email you can message me directly as well at or 603-812- 1161.

When you receive your Star word, you should hang it up where you are sure to see it every day.  Many people keep their star gifts from year to year, gradually accumulating a constellation of wise words to live by and a reminder of God’s presence in our lives.

All are encouraged to write to me ASAP this week and let me know how you lived by your Star word this past year. Several persons have already shared reflections with me that are delightful and insightful. I plan to weave your reflections together in crafting this week’s reflection for worship.

I am grateful to welcome this tradition though I did feel the need to push it back a week. Last year Epiphany was on January 10th. It come early this year.

Peace and grace,

Rev. Norman A. Michaud

Moderator's Report

Welcome to 2022!Hopefully, everyone had a very Merry Christmas celebrating with friends, family, and with our church family as well.  It was wonderful to see so many people at the Christmas Eve service.  I think we had 78 people at 7:00 PM, while only ten ventured out for the 11:00 PM service.

My wish for everyone is to stay safe and healthy as we move into the  New Year. We have so much to be thankful for. We have met the challenges of the last two years. Although we still struggle to work our way through Covid19, our church remains open, and our people are safe and healthy.  We can be so very thankful that we have not lost any church members to this Pandemic.

While all this was taking place, the Search Committee completed securing a Settled Pastor.We welcomed Pastor Norman and his wife Sarah to our congregation on November 1, 2021. As we work together to welcome them,  please reach out and take the opportunity to introduce yourself and make them feel part of our church family.  It can be a challenging  time to move to a new community, meet new people, build relationships within a new congregation, all while trying to learn how to conduct the business of a new church.  Pastor Norman is usually in the office most days and can also be reached by calling the church if you need to schedule an appointment to see him.  We continue to ask for God's guidance and support as we both work together throughout this coming year.

Looking ahead to other activities,  Faith Fellowship continues to be very active.  The next scheduled meeting is Sunday, January 16, right after worship, I hope to see you all there.Also, there will be a lasagna dinner on January 15, take-out only, held from 4 to 6:00 pm.  Please look for information and sign-up sheets to help out.. On January 23, the Youth Group has scheduled an all church family outing for ice skating at the Rose Garden Ice Arena in Norwich.  Skating will take place from 1:40 to 3:30 pm. Please come and support our young people, you don't have to skate, just come and join in the fun. On February 6,  they have also planned an all-church family trip to the Worcester Art Museum.  Sounds like a great day.

In February, the Red Cross will again be here on the 9th from 11:00 to 5:00 pm. If you are able to donate it would be greatly appreciated as there is a big need at this time.  On February 12, Fire and Ice will again take place throughout the town.  Our church will host the cake competition held in the chapel, the fire pit, and hot chocolate will be on the front lawn, children's crafts with Angela Stringer will be in the conference room, and new this year there will be a Luncheon held in the dining room with chili, soup, hotdogs, cornbread, etc.  More information and sign-up sheets to follow.

On another note, it has come to our attention that several times during the week, the doors of the church have been found unlockedPlease, if you are coming in for any reason, double-check that the doors are locked and tightly secured before you leave.

We encourage you to participate in the life of our church in whatever way you can; join us in worship, sign up to read, be a greeter or usher, help and or donate in FF activities, and reach out and support our youth. Your church needs you.

We prayerfully look forward to a more healthy, safe, and productive New Year. Blessings,
Audrey Lombardi Moderator


December Teen Paint
Great job Teens!

Take a Chance on the
Winter Basket


Chances :$3.00 for 5 chances
$5.00 for 10 chances
$10.00 for 15 chances

One name will be pulled on Sunday, January 30t

Thank you for your support
Faith Fellowship


Join us on Thursday, Janurary 13th

Marika’s Place Putnam CT 9:00 am

More information: Contact Bob Picard 860-481-0007

Upcoming Youth & Family Events


Calling all youth, friends and family to the Rose Garden Ice Arena in Norwich on the afternoon of Sunday, January 23, 1:40-3:30. This is an open skate time, and there is an admission fee. Skate rentals are available. Please sign up in the chapel for a slippery afternoon. Any questions 860-928-6396


Everyone is invited to join the youth in a visit to the Worcester Art Museum. We will be leaving right after church on Sunday, February 6. Free admission every first Sunday and free parking. Pack a lunch to munch on the way. This is a great museum with something for everyone and so close!

Bring a friend and plan to spend a couple of hours perusing this top notch collection of art and armory. Sign up in the chapel. Any questions 860-928-6396


Is great way to support the church. Gift cards are a wondeful gift for loved ones and friends in your life, or purchase and use on your monthly spending. Either way , it’s a great way to support the church.
If you have any questions call Angela Stringer @ 860-428-6445.
Set up an account
Use the Code:B8E2147763195

Fill out the forms and leave for Angela at the church and she will send your order in. Payment due with your forms.

Thank you
Faith Fellowship.

Pledge Envelopes

Pledge Envelopes 

Envelopes are ready for pick up. You can either pick up your envelopes Sunday morning before or after worship. Also on Monday between 9:00 -11:00am. If you have any questions please email the church office


Illuminate the Music Window In Memory or in Honor of a Loved One for $5.00 per week.
Envelopes are available in the back of the church or you may call the church secretary at 860-928-4405