Congregational Church of Putnam

Volume 26

The Beacon

June, 2022

Number 6

Pastor’s Letter

Sunday, June 5, we enter the season of Pentecost. Jesus ascends and leaves his disciples to carry the New Covenant to all. Let us continue as his disciples in the world.

Our annual meeting will be held on June 12. New leaders will emerge, and some leaders will take a respite from their dutiful service. Putnam Congregational Church has been blessed with extraordinary leadership, and may that blessing continue.

I intend that we may plan a service welcoming new members on June 19. June 19 is also Father's Day. Many people have asked to join our church, and this must happen. If you have been patiently waiting for the opportunity to join us officially, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can prepare the service and welcome you to our Fellowship in Christ.

Please support our ice cream offering on First Friday, June 3, and plan to support the Solomon's Vendor Fair coming on June 11. Also, our Golf Tournament will be held on June 26. I hope to see you at these events.

Last month, I addressed the rise of Covid cases in our state and county. I am pleased to acknowledge that the Covid rate may be receding here. Covid may have peaked at over 14% but has gone down to 12%. Let us hope that our families and friends remain safe. Our congregants have respectfully followed suggestions for mitigation during our in-person worship. Pray that our efforts of caution enhance the safety of all.

We continue to pray for peace in Ukraine. The war continues. Russia's aggression has caused death and destruction for itself and the innocent civilians of Ukraine. This war weighs on the hearts and minds of Americans and people throughout the world. May God's healing and grace end this conflict.
I am sure that the recent mass shootings in Buffalo, New York, and now Uvalde, Texas, bring a special terror to Connecticut. When the Sandy Hook school shooting happened in December of 2012, we prayed for an end to gun violence in the United States. Still, no progress has been made to end the carnage. Pray that wisdom will bring lawmakers the courage to address the availability of guns used in these horrors to find a better way to protect all our citizens while preserving the rights of those who honor the law.

At times, I find myself detaching from these events. Covid, war, and mass shootings torment me. Not watching videos alleviates my anxiety while I remain informed by reading. The reading process provides some distance and a less visceral emotion about such things. Each Sunday, I find myself trying to lift up our fears and anxiety through the words and actions of Christ. I try to lift our congregation with hymns old and new. I believe that Christian love in action will bring the arc of justice to injustices in the world. Thoughts and prayers alone help us deal with our sorrows. Still, our efforts must turn our dismay and grief into a future where Christ's call to "love one another as I have loved you," will bring a reign of peace beyond our understanding.

Rev. Norman Michaud


The Annual Church Meeting To be held on:
Sunday, June 12 at 11:15 am


 Faith Fellowship Minutes
 April 10, 2022

Pastor Norman opened in prayer.

Audrey Lombardi had a thank you letter from her friend Sandy Collins for the dinners and containers that we provided for the people in need that she makes meals for every week. It was agreed that we would continue to send her any food leftover from our dinners.

Motion was made by Larry Christy to accept the Secretary's report for March 13th, 2nd by Bill Pearsall, all in favor, the motion carried. Motion was made by Larry Christy to accept the Secretary's report for March 20th, 2nd by Kat Dunton, all in favor, the motion carried.

Motion to accept the Treasurer's report by Bill Pearsall, 2nd by Roberta Solomon, all in favor, the motion carried.

Kat reported that we sole 48 dinners at the Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Dinner and only 14 people sat down to eat. We are considering doing take out only for a while. There was a suggestion that we offer another sauce and only put the Sauce of choice on the spaghetti when serving. The dinner profited

Vendor update – Paula Plourde requested more volunteers for the event. She also request poles to hang up the banner. Bill Pearsall suggested 2" PCV pipe and Bill Solomon said that he will look for the holes in the ground and get the pipes to use for the banner. She will also be on WINY on the 19th to promote the event and asked if anyone would like to join her. She will also talk to them about an ad to be broadcasted the week before the event. It was decided that ads will be placed in both the Shoppers Guide and the Turnpike buyer. Robert Solomon made a motion to advertise in both papers, 2nd by Michelle Lowell, all in favor, the motion carried. Paula will get a flyer to Ken Evens for the ad.
Paula has a food truck lined up and they will get all the required food permits from the town.
She also needs help cleaning out the chapel, Sunday school rooms, and the parking lot before the event. It was decided to clean out the rooms in the church on Sunday, the 24th, after the service. Pastor Norm will take care of organizing cleaning the parking lot.
Jan and Larry Christy will sell the New England Bells, water and free prepackaged snacks in the kitchen and they agreed to do registration for vendors in the parking lot and down stairs in the dining hall handing out the raffle cards for the vendors to customers.

First Friday's begin May 7. Kat will be doing potted plants on the 7th.
May 7 is also the Polish dinner. The Solomon's are taking the lead on this and will think about doing take out only.

April 21 is the Dining for a Cause at the Courthouse. The event goes on all day and everyone needs a coupon to present when served so that the church gets the credit.

Saturday, June 18 is the Pulled Pork Dinner which will be take out only. The Costa's and Farnsworth's are the lead people for this event.
Car Cruise is August 21. It was suggested that the church sell pulled pork sandwiches and frappes. Bill Solomon thought he saw that it was going to be at the Farmers Market this year. Terri will check with Willie Bouquet. Further discussion was tabled to later.

Harvest Fair will be October 15. It was decided to sell the New England Bells that day. Jo-Anne and Jan will do the luncheon again. Annette Hamilton is the lead but was unable to attend the meeting due to health problems.

Next bell order is April 23.

There are 4 raffle baskets for the April Raffle Baskets which will run through April to May.

There was a discussion about creating a brochure about Faith Fellowship. It was suggested that one may have already been done by Myrna when she created a "Welcome Packet".

The policy of Faith Fellowship paper was presented for the "Responsibility of Leads or Chairperson of a fundraising event". It was discussed and some additions were added and the revised policy will be presented in May.

Woodstock Fair – Terri Pearsall reported that she sent in the deposit and is waiting for the contract in a couple of months. She also sent in the ad for the 1st Friday's flyer that PBA publishes.

Suggestions for fall events/dinners/fundraisers were discussed. One suggestion was for a car wash as a fundraiser. It was decided that this would be a great event for the youth.

Bill Pearsall made a motion to adjourn, Roberta Solomon 2nd, all in favor. Next meeting: May 15.


Thursday, June 9, 9:00 am

Artisans&Craft fair

Pulled Pork Dinner
Saturday, June18th 4:30-6:30 pm
Take-Out Only.
$15.00 per dinner

Call Liz ahead to order your dinners.

Thank you for your support.


Friday, June 3
Ice Cream Sundaes5:00 pm

Friday, July 1
Records & Burpee Petting Zoo & Stuff Animals Adoption 5:30 pm-7:30 pm

Friday, August 5
Oversize Yard Games, Craft, and Lemonade

Donations needed for Ice Cream toppings: Whip Cream, jimmies, sprinkles, chocolate, caramel, and strawberry sauce. Crushed cookies, gummies, candy. Be creative!

Donations of New or Like New stuff Animals. ( Animals only) all different sizes are welcome.

Donations of 8 oz cups and pipe cleaners Thank you. Kat


Sunday Morning Crossword Puzzle!


Hale YMCA Putnam CT
TEENS (age 12 - 18) - Get Summer FREE @ Hale YMCA!

Already a member? Your membership for June, July and August are free!
It's all set - you do not need to do a thing. 
Want to sign up? Stop in to Hale YMCA (make sure your parent or legal guardian is with you) and sign up to be a member! #belongtosomethinggreater #getsummer #getsummerfreehaleymca


The committee for the Harvest Fair is only accepting New items to be used on the “Golden Picks Table” for the Harvest Fair. Please reach out to Annette Hamilton, Michelle Lowell, or Terri Pearsall if you have questions about donations.
Thank you

Some of the donations that the committee is looking for:
All New Items

Serving Dishes
Glass sets
Gift Cards local business
Boxes of Candy
Hair Accessories
Yankee Candles
Lotion Set

Sunday, June 5th 2022

What is the Origin of Pentecost?

Pentecost was the celebration of the beginning of the early weeks of harvest. In Palestine, there were two harvests each year. The early harvest came during the months of May and June; the final harvest came in the fall. Pentecost was the celebration of the beginning of the early wheat harvest, which meant that Pentecost always fell sometime during the middle of the month of May or sometimes in early June.

There were several festivals, celebrations, or observances that took place before Pentecost. There was Passover, there was Unleavened Bread, and there was the Feast of First fruits. The Feast of First fruits was the celebration of the beginning of the barley harvest. Here's the way you figured out the date of Pentecost.

According to the Old Testament, you would go to the day of the celebration of First fruits, and beginning with that day, you would count off 50 days. The fiftieth day would be the Day of Pentecost. So First fruits is the beginning of the barley harvest and Pentecost the celebration of the beginning of the wheat harvest.
Since it was always 50 days after First fruits, and since 50 days equals seven weeks, it always came a "week of weeks" later. Therefore, they either called it the Feast of Harvest or the Feast of Weeks.

The significance of Pentecost to the church is something that we need to walk through carefully, and we shouldn't ignore, because Pentecost was a Jewish celebration. And so in our modern day of the New Testament church, we don't celebrate Pentecost in the way that the Old Testament Hebrews did.

But Pentecost was the moment in history after Christ had ascended. And he had promised during the gospel narratives, during his earthly ministry, that he would leave, but that he would send the comforter, he would send the holy spirit. And it was at that moment in Pentecost where the spirit came, and he empowered the early believers, specifically the apostles that were left, and Peter, who is almost a comedic personality in the gospel narratives.

He is the one who constantly puts his foot in his mouth, constantly is having to be corrected by Jesus, but is in the inner circle. And because of grace and mercy, he is chosen to be the one who stands up in front of this throng, probably thousands, maybe tens of thousands of people to proclaim the gospel, there in the midst of a Hebrew celebration that was intended to remind the Hebrews of how God had always protected them.
And here Peter stands up and says, "And let me tell you about the Messiah, who is the eternal protection for all of humanity. Let me tell you who he is." And so Pentecost becomes this marker in history to really what many people would say, "And that's the moment that church is born."

That is when thousands come into the faith. And it goes from this little sect of believers who followed a Jewish rabbi from Nazareth who died and rose again, and suddenly the church breaks forth into the culture. Suddenly it is that unstoppable force that no one can really deny any longer. Pentecost has taken on a new significance for us. It, at one point, is just a historical memory. Now it is the living reality of the moment that the spirit of God seemingly burst forth.

Pledge Envelopes

Pledge Envelopes 

Envelopes are ready for pick up. You can either pick up your envelopes Sunday morning before or after worship. Also on Monday between 9:00 -11:00am. If you have any questions please email the church office


Remembrance Flowers are in Loving Memory of


Illuminate the Music Window In Memory or in Honor of a Loved One for $5.00 per week.
Envelopes are available in the back of the church or you may call the church secretary at 860-928-4405

June Birthday’s & Anniversaries


1st Annette Hamilton, Leslie Schumann, 4th Ty Crowley 5th Charlotte Picard, 12th Roberta Solomon, 17th Terri Pearsall, Peter Plourde 20th  Kerry Lackner, 27th Todd Pearsall


6th Scott & Miriam Morrison,17th Richard & Stephanie Snelgrove, 20th Bob & Liz Thompson,
25th  United Church of Christ (1957)