Congregational Church of Putnam

Volume 25

From Pastor Tom

The Beacon

November, 2018

Number 11

Pastor’s Letter

With the rush of the fall season now in full swing, our church has been a very busy place. We have prepared suppers, hosted the Harvest Fair, The Halloween Stroll, and the roast beef dinner is November 3rd. We begin once again that time when before we can blink an eye, it will be 2019! 

As I am sure most of you know by now, I will be retiring as your pastor effective June 30, 2019.  I am thankful for the 20 years that you have supported our mutual ministry.  We have had some bumps in the road, but I know that through all these years, God has been our guide and the Holy Spirit has helped us to accomplish more than I could have imagined.  The Connecticut Conference interim area minister, Chuck Ericson, will meet with the church council on November 13, 2018 to answer questions about moving forward.  One thing I am sure of,  the search committee will need be be formed to begin the process of finding my replacement. 

Please know that my decision to retire was one that I have been considering for some time.  I have been praying for discernment, not only for myself, but also for the church.  Living in Putnam and serving as your pastor all these years, has been the longest I have lived in one place my entire life.  I love Putnam, I love this church and I love all of you.  Please know that I will return to worship with you once a new pastor has been settled.  I look forward to being a part of the congregation in the future.   I am Thankful not only at this time of the year, but everyday for all the blessings we have shared.  God IS SOOO GOOD! 

I did a little research on Thanksgiving, and found that this holiday didn’t become a nationwide observance until 1864! The first Thanksgiving was actually held in December of 1621 when Governor William Bradford of Plymouth Colony appointed a day of celebration and sent four men out to shoot wild turkeys and other fowl. The Pilgrims had come ashore from the Mayflower on December 21, 1620.

It was Sara Hale who first suggested that Thanksgiving should be a national patriotic holiday. For almost 20 years she campaigned through editorials and letters to the President, state governors and others. Finally she was able to win the support of President Lincoln. In the third year of the Civil War, he believed that the Union had been saved; he therefore proclaimed a national holiday to be celebrated on the last Thursday in November as the day to be observed each year, but it was President George Washington, who proclaimed October 26 as Thanksgiving Day in 1789, prayed for “temporal prosperity for all mankind.”  In December of 1941, Congress, by joint resolution approved by the President, set the 4th Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day.

So it is my hope and prayer that on this Thanksgiving Day, you will find time to spend with your family, to celebrate God’s abundance and love for us.  In closing, I offer you this prayer for your Thanksgiving Day feast:

by Jamie Harris Coleman

Thanksgiving should be every day
Instead of once a year.
Give thanks each day, give thanks each night,
To Christ who is so dear.

Give thanks each day, give thanks each night,
For all the Lord has done.
He’ll help us fight our battles
Until the victory’s won.

Give thanks unto the Savior,
His joyous praises sing;
In the ears of every Christian
Let the name of Jesus ring.

Give thanks to Him each morning,
Give thanks at noon and night.
Ask Him for daily blessings,
And stand up for the right.

Let each day be Thanksgiving,
For the blessings from above,
For guidance and protection
And His eternal love.

May God richly bless you and your families in this season of Thanksgiving.

Yours in Faith,
Pastor Tom

The Congregational Church of Putnam
Council Minutes
September 11, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 6:34 pm
Those present: Pastor Tom, Jo-Anne Joslin, Audrey Lombardi, Sharon Almstrom, Greg Biggs, Bob Thompson, Skip Bates, Tori Bates, Kat Dunton
Committee Report:
Council Reports Minutes for May 8, 2018
Council Reports Minutes for August 21, 2018
Motion made by Greg to approve the minutes for both months, 2nd by Tori.
Financial Report Budget vs. Actual. Motion made by Tori to approve the reports 2nd by Greg.
Trustees Report:
Fascia boards over ramp entrance have been painted
Will next be working on the door and its frame. Would like to put a clean finish on the door but it has weathered so much that I’m not sure it would look good. May request permission to paint instead.
Church usage:
        •Theater of North East  Board Meeting
        •Girl Scout Troop 65035 6-8 pm
        •Kat Dunton 10-13-18 Paint night.
        •Kat Dunton 12-1-18 Paint night.
Respectfully Bob Thompson
New members September 16: Shelley Johnson and Christine Arrson
Sign up board will be updated for children’s message.
Quiet summer
Faith Fellowship:
Attached to report
Old Business:
Long Range Plan - Safe church policy
                           -Starting will small things around the church
                           -Parking lot door will be locked at 10:00 am starting September 16
New Business:
Jo-Anne was speaking to the mayor on the first Friday, and the town will be cleaning up the side parking lot in the spring, he wanted to know if the church wanted any of the brush or tree removed from the property?

Next meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 9, 2018
Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm

Respectfully Submitted
Kathy Dunton Clerk

Congregational Church of Putnam

September 9, 2018

Opening and Prayer
Sharon welcomed everyone and Pastor Tom opened with prayer.
Secretary’s Report
A motion was made by Melissa Biggs to accept the Secretary’s Report, 2nd by Deb Leach, all in favor, so moved.
Treasurer’s Report
A motion was made by Charlie Leach to accept the Treasurer’s report, 2nd by Myrna Paulhus, all in favor, so moved.
Old Business
Frappes – Car Cruise
Jan Christy reported that it was a great day and that she had plenty of volunteers.
Frappes – Woodstock Fair
Myrna Paulhus thanked the Christy’s, Pearsall and Roger Franklin for helping with the set up and clean up.  There was a minor glitch at first with no key for the outside freezer but Bosquette’s   brought one right away.  She thanked the Pearsall’s for delivering the milk each day.  There was a problem with the water heater not working.  The milk dispenser has been removed.  The cambrose worked fine.  Over all, it was a great success. 
Treasurer position
Skip Bates has agreed to be the treasurer.  Thank you, Skip.
Church Facebook Page
Melissa Biggs has agreed to be supervisor of the page.  All information is to go to her before it is posted.
New Business
Scoop Freezer
One of the freezers died and Mike Deary has found a freezer for us.  A motion to buy the new freezer with a cap of $500 was made by Bunnie Meyer, 2nd by Melissa Biggs, all in favor, so moved.
Swedish Meatball Supper – Friday, October 5th
Roberta Solomon is the lead for this event.
Nut Sale Starting
Place your orders with Jo-Anne
Harvest Fair and Luncheon – October 20th – Myrna, Jan, Deb Leach
Myrna requested items for the Fair – good sellable items
Jan and Deb will co-chair for the luncheon and ask people to sign up to help.
Haloween Stroll – Friday October 26th
Jan and Myrna stated that we no longer wanted to participate in this event. .
Wreath Sale Starts in October
Charlotte Picard and Audrey Lombardi will head this up again this year
Roast Beef Supper – November  3rd
The Picard family will head this up again this year
Gingerbread Houses again
Kat announced the date will be the first weekend in November -December 1st  at 1-3pm

Trunk or Treat possibility
A discussion led by Kat Farnsworth about possible things that could be done
for the Halloween Stroll night. The younger families want to take the lead for the night.

Jan emphasized that whatever they do, someone needs to be out there keeping people off the hill and the wall.  It was decided to let the younger families pursue participation with the town.
Always the same names.  Let’s start actively recruiting additional people, not only to FF in general but to be leads for events with us (maybe a lead-in-training, etc).
Sharon suggested we find people to mentor to lead our events and then eventually taking over the lead for the event.
Paint Night
Kat will organize this event.  It will be December 1st at 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Free Supper
Audrey suggested having a free supper once a month.  Ken Evans said that years ago the church had pot luck suppers for fellowship, maybe a movie night or other activities.  The question came up about copy rights for movies – Pastor Tom will research this issue.
Book Sale
Bunnie Meyer knows someone who has 200 books and asked if the book sale will be re-instated or is it just gone.   Jan Christy does not want to do it again – it is a lot of work and books need to be stored, etc.  Kat Farnsworth suggested an
ongoing book sale with shelves in the hallway or in the dining hall.  She volunteered to maintain it.
Next Meeting October 14th after church.
 A motion to adjourn was made by Charlie Leach, 2nd by Audrey Lombardi, all in favor – so moved



Thank you
To everyone who filled in the “food needed forms”, this helps greatly with supplying food needed for the luncheon.
To everyone who worked on Friday morning to cut all the apples for the crisp.
To those who make the soup, the crisp, and the chili.
To those who came in early to make the sandwiches and put together the 24 lunches that were ordered by people boarding the train.
To everyone who worked the day of the luncheon, in the dining room, in the kitchen, doing whatever needed to be done to get people served and the food delivered.
And finally to everyone who made it a fun time, because besides making money (and yes our church needs that too) but it was just a great day with laughter and great communication and great conversations.

Thank you very much.
Jan Christy

Sunday School Update

Starting November 4 Sunday school children will stay with their families during service. Children are encouraged to sign up on the board so they may take part in their church. The older children can serve communion. Just the 1st Sunday of each month.

Saturday, December 8
from 10-1 we will be having a Holiday Shopping for the children in our church.  The children can come and choose 5 different items they would love to give to another person in their lives. They will be able to wrap the items as well as make cards. I am looking for like new or new items to be used in this event. It can be anything. I am also looking for tape, wrapping paper, bows, bags, name tags. Anything will help. Please RSVP for the event by Saturday, December 1. thank you

Thursday, December 27, we will be having a Free Lunch at the church. Soup and Grilled Cheese. If any of the Sunday School children bring in Tomato soup between now and Dec 20 they will receive 3 coins per can. Thank you. p.s  Mark your calendars for lunch..... it's going to be fun! (  older Sunday school friends if you would like to help out for this event please let me know)

Thank you.
Any question please contact me at 860 4812519


 (Interfaith Human Services of Putnam)

Congregational Church of Putnam,

It is that time of year again to begin thinking about and planning for the Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Meal Baskets drive.  In the past your church has graciously donated items to this worthy cause.  Last year we provided Thanksgiving meals to 375 families in our area and each year the need is greater. 
To help us coordinate our efforts, we are asking the Congregational Church of Putnam to donate the following items:

Gravy – preferably Turkey
Canned Vegetables
Stuffing, Dessert Mixes

We are asking that all donations be delivered to Daily Bread by Sunday, November 11th.  If you need someone to pick up your items, please contact Bill or Terri Pearsall at 860-928-5947 or email:

Thank you for your generosity and consideration,
Bill and Terri Pearsall

Congregational Church of Putnam

Name:  _____________________________________________

Telephone:  ______________________________

# of Wreaths:  ______________

$16.00 each with Red Velvet Bow

$12.00 each without bow

Total Cost:  ______________

Wreaths are double faces, 12” ring size, 21 – 24” outside spread, weight about 4 lbs.

Also available are larger wreaths.  Discuss your needs with Charlotte Picard by calling 860-779-0129.

Wreaths will be available for pick up on November 25.  Please make checks payable to Faith Fellowship.  Orders must be placed by November 18.

Thank you for your support.


2018-2019 NUT SALE

It is that time again. Yes, September is upon us and it is time for the annual nut sale to begin. I recently received this year’s information from our purveyor, Terri-Lynn.  I will be taking over the nut sales this year as Charlie has retired from this endeavor.  I can only hope to be half as good as Charlie was!

As is the case in most years, there is a significant price increase for most of the products. I have adjusted our prices to reflect these changes (see order form).

Please start to think about the upcoming season(s) and the fact that these nuts can satisfy a lot of our needs at various venues.

Thanks so much for your co-operation in the past and let’s make this year even better!

Jo-Anne Joslin
Campaign Chairman