Congregational Church of Putnam

Volume 26

From Pastor Tom

The Beacon

February, 2019

Number 2

Pastor’s Letter
February 2019

This month I would like to focus on an important truth as God’s people who are in Christ. That truth is this: “Everything we say, think, and do communicates something about our God to everyone else.” So what is it that we communicate and tell others about God and his church, The Congregational Church of Putnam?

When we greet our fellow parishioners warmly and give them a friendly handshake or hug on Sunday morning, we communicate something about our fellowship with that person. We communicate something about our care for one another as fellow members of the Putnam Congregational Church, and the body of Christ. When we donate to our local food pantry, Daily Bread, we communicate that we are a people that have received great mercy and compassion from our God so, in return, we give it to all who have need. When we come together for  Bible Study we communicate that we are about knowing Christ and his love more and more. When we come together as a Church to organize a golf tournament, participate in a car cruise, fire and ice, provide a free meal opens to the community, and other events, we communicate that we are about helping others to know and share Christ and his love. When we come together in worship on Sunday morning, we gather to receive the grace of God through the pronouncement of the forgiveness of sins, the reading of the Holy Scriptures, the preaching of a sermon, the singing of hymns, the praying of prayers, and the reception of the body and blood of Jesus in the Lord’s Supper, we communicate to others that we are a community of believers that is about receiving what we need from our God, and then living in and giving that much needed grace, mercy, and forgiveness to others.

“Everything we say, think, and do communicates something about our God to everyone else.” This important truth helps shape my decisions as your Pastor and leader here at PCC. “How can we communicate better who we are as the people of God in Christ? How can we communicate better through our worship service, the aesthetics of our beautiful church sanctuary, our education activities, our fellowship events, and our evangelism and outreach attempts, that we are about caring for the whole person with the Gospel of Jesus Christ?”

As we continue in this new year, let us each consider this question for ourselves as well as for our church: “How can I/ we (the church) communicate better our care for the whole person with the Gospel of Jesus Christ?” This coming year will be a year of change, a time to reflect upon who you are and what you want to be as the body of Christ here in Putnam, Ct. This coming year you will also need to decide together as a church the vision for ministry in the next one to three years as you form a pastoral search committee, and evaluate your wants and needs in a new leader. It is my prayer that God, through the work of the Holy Spirit, will use each member of this church to help prepare you to approach and decide the future of this church in the days, weeks, and years to come. May God continue to lead, guide and bless you as you seek to do his work today and every day.

Yours In Christ,

Pastor Tom

Moderator's Report
February 2019

So,  how are those New Year resolutions going,  anyone still sticking to them?  I don't really make a specific list but I do try to set a goal of doing better, eating healthier,  getting more exercise, and to grow and learn in faith and spirituality.

I think these goals fall right in line with some of my  "Star Words" throughout the years:  Truth--Judgement--Graciousness--Education and this year  Courage.  It's amazing how each word seems to fall right into place for just what you need for that particular year. 

How much  more appropriate could my word  "Courage"  be for this year with all the changes that are going on in the life of our church.  It is certainly  going to take a lot of  "courage " as we  "educate"  ourselves to make good " judgements"  with  'truth" and " graciousness".

You think God may have had anything to do with this?

The saying goes that:  You are right where God wants you to be in this particular time and place.  I certainly  hope and pray that God knew what He was doing by putting me in this position.  If you had asked me a few years ago, there is no way I would have said that that would be the case. 

As we go along this road together, I ask for your continued support, your feedback, and most importantly your prayers for our committee, our church, and for Pastor Tom as well.  Remember, change is hard,  change is growth,  and change can be good in the long run.  Have Faith,  God is at work here.

The council will be meeting on the 3rd Tuesday in February as Pastor Tom will be on vacation.  In March Pastor Chuck Ericson will meet with us to answer our questions and further our discussion in devising an  Interim Pastor and whole church profile.  This can be a long process and again we ask for your prayers and will also be asking for your input as well.

Thank you, 

Audrey Lombardi

The Congregational Church of Putnam
Council Minutes
December 11, 2018

Those present: Bob Thompson- Pastor Tom- Skip Bates- Tori Bates- Kat Dunton – Audrey Lombardi- Greg Biggs- Gerry Gagne- Sharon Almstrom
Pastor Tom opened the meeting with a prayer.
Committee Reports
A motion was made by Greg to approve the November meeting notes as presented.  All in favor.
A motion was made by Greg to approve the financial reports. All in favor.
Deacons:   Saturday, December 22- flowers were delivered to the nursing homes.
                    Sunday, December 23 Baptism for Owen Scott Fultz
                    Sunday, December 30 Baptism for Clara Thompson
Trustees: Called Hilltop Plumbing to clear drain in downstairs men’s room. They did. Mower and trimmer have been winterized. Snow blower is ready for use. Appears shall be doing snow removal on the walks unless we and someone else to do it. Many thanks to Bill for all his work in previous years. Weather stripping has been applied to inner chapel door. Sent pictures of problem area of roof. Says his roofing man has studied them and has a plan will send estimate. Humidifier? Sign on inner Chapel door? Respectfully Bob Thompson.
Christian Ed:  The children are getting ready for the Christmas play that will be held on December 23rd . We continue to have between 5 and 16 children downstairs. In the month of December, we have had 2 more children join Sunday School.
Missions started the month of November, 2018 with a balance of $631.75.  During November, there were two deposits: one from the General Fund in the amount of $500.00 on 11/05/18; and one from Faith Fellowship on 11/13/18 in the amount of $602.00 for the Roast Beef Dinner and the Harvest Fair.
During the month of November, and mostly in light of the approaching Holiday Season, there were five donations made: one cash donation for Pastoral Discretion in the amount of $200.00; one in the amount of $150.00 (#192) to support Bill and Terri Pearsall’s community Thanksgiving Day Dinner; one in the amount of $500.00 (#193) to support IHSP/Daily Bread to help those in need during the Holiday season; one in the amount of $250.00 (#194) to support Pastoral Care at Day Kimball Hospital; and one in the amount of $250.00 (#195) to support Generations of Putnam.
Missions ended the month of November, 2018 with $383.75.

Thank you, and God bless,
Gerard Gagne
Mission Outreach Coordinator

Faith Fellowship
Old Business:
Safe Church Policy- Putnam police have been contacted, and they will be sitting with committee in the next few weeks.
Pastor report: Vacation week? The week of February 10, 20189
 Christmas eve services will be at 7:00 pm and 11:00 pm
June 30 is the Golf tournament
Greg made a motion to adjourn the meeting 2nd by Jo-Anne.

Respectfully submitted
Kat Dunton, clerk.

Trustees Report

There is a part of the church roof that needs repair.  The area at the front of the church where the roof meets the wall of the bell tower has been leaking.  The repair is somewhat extensive.  To do the repair, we shall be hiring Egan Restorations.  This is the same firm that replaced the roof on the bell tower and the roof over the chapel entrance.  The cost of the repair is $20,450.  Egan does excellent work.  We are confident this well restore the integrity of our roof.  We have $12,000 towards this repair.

 December 9, 2018

Opening and Prayer
Sharon Thompson welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending.  Pastor Tom opened the meeting with a prayer.
Secretary’s Report
A motion was made by Charlie Leach to accept the Secretary’s report, 2nd by Louise Pempek,in favor, so moved.
Treasurer’s Report
Skip Bates presented the treasurer’s report.  A motion was made by Louise Pempek to accept
the report as presented, 2nd by Myrna Paulhus, all in favor, so moved.
Old Business
Wreath Sale
Charlotte Picard reported that orders were given out on Sunday, November 25th.  Proceeds were down this year - $380.90
Dazzle Light Parade
Kat Farnsworth reported that it went well and never realized how fast you had to walk to keep up.  She said it was worth it and everyone enjoyed themselves.
Gingerbread House Event
Kat Farnsworth reported that 25 children attended this event.  Everyone had a lot of fun and each child went home with a packet containing information for the church.
Paint Night
Kat Farnsworth reported that 15 people attended and it went well.
Holiday Shopping
Kat Farnsworth reported that 23 children from our church attended.  They all got presents for family members & friends and then they wrapped their presents.
Large Projects – Windows
This was discussed at a Council meeting and Bob Thompson is aware of the need.
Myrna Paulhus suggested fixing the Chapel Door and Audrey Lombardi asked if it
was ok to put a screw hook in the door to hold a wreath.  It was decided that she
should ask council about the screw hook.
New Business
Movie Night
“The Polar Express” was viewed on December 14th at 6pm.  Kat Farnsworth reported that it was a lot of fun.   Cookies, hot chocolate and popcorn were enjoyed by all.
FF Christmas Pot Luck & Yankee Swap -  December 9th
Audrey Lombardi reported that everything was all set for this event.
Community Appreciation Meal – December 27th and January 19th
Audrey Lombardi reported that there will be signup sheets in the chapel for donations and questioned about advertising.  Myrna Paulhus said she would help with the sheets.
Fire and Ice –Hot Cocoa & Fire Pit - February 9th  from 2-8 pm
Myrna Paulhus informed FF that the town is looking for sculpture sponsors.  She also said that she will be gone in February and what we need is a fire pit and dry wood.
Louise Pempek talked about First Fridays this year starting in September and there will
not be one in October due to The Last Green Valley’s  “Walktober” and the Great Pumpkin Fest. 
Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper – March 5th – 5-6:30pm
Bunnie Meyer and Audrey Lombardi reported that the date is set.
Fundraising idea
Audrey Lombardi suggested that we look into “Shop & Script” where you purchase
gift cards and the church gets a percentage.  There was a lot of discussion and it was Angela Stringer volunteered to look into it.
Kat Farnsworth wants to schedule more paint nights in February and April.  She will check out the church calendar.  Tori Bates moved to approve 2 more paint nights,2nd by Larry Christi, all in favor, so moved.

Terri Pearsall informed FF that she will not be at the next meeting in January so someone else will have to take notes of the meeting.  She and Bill will be out of town that day. 

Roger Franklin reported that the “Car Cruise” will be moved to August 18th this year.

Next meeting – Sunday, January 13th, after church – 2019 Calendar of Events.

Motion to Adjourn made by Charlie Leach, 2nd by Louise Pempek, all in favor, so moved.


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